Glamour French Country Design Ideas For Kitchen To Try 35

38 Glamour French Country Design Ideas For Kitchen To Try

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A French country kitchen is casual and comfortable. It should be as welcoming for your guests as it is elegant. Furniture style cabinetry is a popular trend in French country style kitchens. These are cabinets that look more like stand alone furniture and can blend or stand alone in a kitchen. These cabinets are the ideal place to showcase your porcelain rooster figurines or art. Quite often they groupings of farm life figurines are displayed. Roosters are the most traditional.

Reds and yellows are the most common colors used in a French Country theme. These colors wake up a room and can take on many shades and hues. Look for buttery or dark mustard yellows and reds in a burgundy.

Contrasting elements such as wrought iron and terra cotta can live side by side. Look for ceiling racks made of wrought iron for pots and pans and terra cotta vases to be used to hold cooking utensils. Consider a material for the floor that offers texture, such as brick or tile. Tile is often used on countertops to complete the look.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a farmhouse-style table. Rough finishes on the table and woven rush seats will add a comfortable feeling to your kitchen. Use brightly colored fabrics on other furnishings or curtains. Mix some green or blue in with the yellow and red of the rest of the kitchen.

If you have the room, try using non-cooking related accessories in your kitchen. Add a bookshelf to hold vases, books and decorative serving dishes. They key is to make your kitchen as warm and welcoming as possible.


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