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If you are determined to lose weight, today it is always a huge challenge. Food is very easily accessible today, and there’s plenty to choose from. This means, we are always facing a challenge of overcoming all the urges and cravings we have because of stress, hormones or simply being surrounded by awesome food. (Have you ever tried living close to a good Chinese takeaway?)

And yet, there are a few tips you can implement into your lifestyle that will help you lose weight and not suffer too much.

  1. Stick to a low-carb diet. Yes, today this is a known fact. Most of our belly size comes not from the fats, but from the carbs we eat. Especially the fast carbs – breads, cakes, pastry, sugar, starches. Even such foods as sweet fruit or rice can pose a threat to your trimness. Selecting dishes that have a low carb and sugar index is a way to go. Japanese cuisine has quite a few of them, for instance, check out this awesome miso noodle soup.
  2. Eat when you’re hungry. Of course, it is good to have a meal schedule and stick to it. But our life is so hectic, sometimes it’s hard to arrange for 4-5 healthy meals a day. We eat on the road, we eat fastfood, we grab a bite on the street. Yet, with a little thinking and planning, quick and healthy recipes are always available. Soups are an ideal diet food. They have lots of liquid and fill you up well without packing too many calories and carbs. You can cook soup, keep it in your fridge at home or at work and then warm up a serving when you’re hungry. This shrimp and corn soup has a variety of nutrients, enough protein and fibers from the veggies and is low on carb. And it’s delicious to boot! Perfect when you’re dieting.
  3. Eat real food. That’s probably the toughest tip to stick to, because when you’re in a hurry, grabbing a hamburger from a fast food chain is the easiest options. Or snacking on something sweet. If you only try to avoid unnecessary snacks and eat solid, real food when you’re hungry, you’ll see the results very soon. This  japanese mushroom soup is easy and quick to cook and serves as a very wholesome meal.
  4. Avoid artificial sweeteners. There has been plenty of researches that show that chemical artificial sweeteners are simply not really good for you. Some researches even show that they may increase the risk of cancer. But moreover, they tend to boost your appetite and strengthen various food cravings. If you crave something sweet, having a piece of dried fruit or dark chocolate is good. Depriving yourself of sweets completely, especially if you have a sweet tooth, may result in a serious meltdown, binge eating, too much stress and guilt and even can lead to eating disorders. Eating a little of sweets once in a while will help keeping the cravings at a manageable level.
  5. Stress less, sleep more. When facing stress, people usually tend to belong to one of the two groups. Those who lose their appetite and those who start stress-eating. Avoiding stress, managing your anxiety and taking good care of yourself can help lowering your stress level and prevent you from stress-eating and craving for comfort food. A good 8-hour sleep can do wonders!

Here’s hoping that losing weight won’t give you extra stress and go smoothly. Diet shouldn’t be a hardship, there are plenty of ways to make it more fun and tolerable.

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